Subliminal Shots???

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Drake’s More Life is finally here, and what’s a Drake project without some passive aggressive subliminal shots?

With this new album playlist, Drake has mostly avoided calling out his rivals’ names directly, which kind of makes sense, since as the #1 artist in the world right now, it’s like he knows that addressing anyone by name only gives them the attention they’re seeking.

Instead he seems more interested in providing a spotlight to artists he actually enjoys, giving high-profile features to two artists known more in the U.K. than stateside: grime rapper Giggs and soul singer Jorja Smith. South African DJ/producer Black Coffee also gets a listed feature on “Get It Together.”

But for anyone willing to break down the lyrics line for line, the shots are there, typically without the need for much reaching. As Joe Budden proved with “4PM In Calabasas” during their beef last summer, anyone that Drake puts in his sights knows it, even if the rest of the world doesn’t.

With More Life, Drizzy has likely maintained his spot at the top of the Hip Hop/R&B/Pop pile with a project that will be received better by critics than VIEWS was, and is expected to do huge numbers, even as a digital-only release.

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